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Our Philosophy

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right

This is a paraphrase on Hunter S. Thompson's line "If a thing like this is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing right" from his original Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas publication in Rolling Stone magazine in 1971. Tom Hanks used the paraphrase as well in the movie A League of Their Own. This forms the core of our philosophy and has become the mantra in our office. This saying explains our approach with all of our projects.

Honesty and Communication

Honesty and communication are keys to the success of any project. We always provide honest information and recommendations - even if it prevents us from getting the project!


We strive for accuracy where others cut corners- making sure every dollar is well spent. Contractors recommend us to their clients because of our approach and we have many happy clients willing to provide references.

Low Fees

By keeping our overhead low and charging an ultra competitive rate we can offer the best value for your dollar. Even if we aren't always the cheapest option, we can provide a better end result for the same amount of money by keeping our hourly rates lower than virtually all of our peers. It's almost always true that you get what you pay for, but we aim to be the rare positive exception to that rule!

Custom Service, But not Too Much

Finding the right balance of services is extremely important in a successful project. The function of a space can never be fully evaluated without looking at how it gets used. But we provide the services necessary to make the space function well without selling services you don't need. Your hard earned money should be spent wisely and we never forget that.

Green Design

We also believe highly in the importance of making sound environmental decisions. When budget allows, use of green materials, alternative technologies, and eco-friendly designs will be incorporated. We believe strongly that any man made structure should exist within nature- not instead of it. We believe so strongly in this that a portion of our proceeds are donated annually to various environmental causes. We recycle all items in our office and purchase items made from recycled content whenever possible.

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